Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Képgaléria - Photo gallery

Ezután igyekszem leírni a fontosabb történéseket angolul is, a hibákért elnézést kérek előre is.

Most vettem észre, hogy nincs fent a képgaléria az autórol, azaz mi alapján vettem meg az autót.
Nem vagyok normális mi?
Sokan mondták.

From now on I will write my posts in English also, as I might have some English readers also.
Sorry in advance for my English, I hope you will understand my posts.

I just noticed, that I forgot to insert the photo gallery about my car.
I bought my car based on these photos on ebay.
I'm not normal, right?
Many of my friends told me...


  1. holy cow, that does look bad. looks like you shouldn't have paid more than a bottle of Hungarian vodka...

  2. Well I paid a lot more than that. The car was undergoing the paint removing process, but the owner lost interest/run out of money, and he sold it. All parts should be there...

  3. Greetings from Alabama, USA! Your friend Viktor made a post on the DeLorean Mailing List mentioning your blog and I found it interesting that you have VIN 701 as I have VIN 791! :D

  4. Hi Rob. I'm happy that you found me. You have also early VIN, I might need some help from you during restoration :)

  5. In Hungary we drink pálinka instead of vodka. ^^ Jó szakadt állapotban van szerencsétlen járgány...